New Giggijochbahn from winter 2016/2017

Sölden is setting new standards in Alpine winter sports with the new Giggijochbahn cable car which will begin operation from winter 2016/2017. The large-scale project impresses with a substantial number of highlights: the latest technology from the Doppelmayr company, an increase in capacity and the highest levels of comfort.

After some 37,000 operating hours, the Giggijochbahn (which opened in 1998) completed its last run on 17 April 2016 to make space for the third generation of lifts – a monocable ropeway which is the highest performance facility of its kind in the world. The transportation capacity will be increased from 2800 to 4500 people per hour – made possible thanks to a faster transportation speed and more frequent runs. 134 cabins offer space for 10 people. All of the foundations and supports along the cable car track have been replaced and are based on the same axis. The entire route has been designed to offer a higher capacity and withstand a higher dyno force and wind pressure. “The cable car is enormously important for the entire ski area as an efficient means of transportation,” says Jakob Falkner, CEO of the Cable Car Company Sölden. Since the process also involves a comprehensive renovation, the station buildings will feature a new design and impress with greater comfort: in future, the cable car will be accessible from the valley via an escalator, lift or direct link from the car park. At the mountain station, the route runs at ground level to the pistes and lifts. The Giggijochbahn cable car from 1998 will be used in the Hochoetz ski resort from now on.

The new Giggijochbahn promises to bring greater comfort and skiing fun to skiing holidays in Sölden from 18 November 2016.

The new Giggijoch valley station

The constricted nature of the building site and new cable car technology from Doppelmayr have both been incorporated into the architecture of the new valley station. Raising the entrance level to 13m enables the construction of a building with the smallest possible footprint. The narrow and tower-like core incorporates the cable car technology and raised entrance level and disappears behind a band featuring a panoramic view of the Ötztal Alps. Two escalators lead up to the station level which has a direct connection to the ski piste and car park building.

The new Giggijoch mountain station

The new Giggijoch mountain station is characterised by its open and transparent construction in the form of a film-covered steel structure. The 134 cabins are stored under a weather-protection structure built at station level. This also avoids any additional earthworks in the landscape. A new tunnel links the mountain station with the Giggijoch Restaurant 200m away. This also ensures supply and disposal facilities, regardless of the weather.

Design & innovation
Modern planning from Obermoser architects

The renowned Obermoser architects are responsible for the design of the mountain & valley station of the new Giggijochbahn cable car and have already played a key role in the planning of other projects in Sölden in the past such as the construction of the Gaislachkoglbahn – the world’s highest altitude triple cable gondola – in 2010 and ice Q restaurant at 3,048 m above sea level in 2013. The gourmet restaurant at the summit of the Gaislachkogl is defined by its unique architecture and in 2015 was used as a location for the shooting of the current James Bond blockbuster, SPECTRE.


Building site on the Giggijoch

Demolition of the mountain station on the Giggjoch in Sölden to make way for the new Giggijochbahn
New building of the Giggijochbahn - Giggijoch mountain station
Construction work on the new Giggijochbahn
Giggijoch mountain station

Date: 01.07.2016
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