Fun Arena at 47. Parallel

AREA 47 is legendary. One of the biggest outdoor playgrounds in the world. A hotspot for adventurers. A paradise for water-lovers and an adventure paradise for kids, teens and adults. You have never experienced the outdoors like this before.

In AREA 47 the elements come together to provide one action-packed overture which ends in a crescendo of thrills and adrenaline, accompanied by some light fanfares, finding a harmony and memories which will stay with you. The facts – 35 sports. Europe‘s only deep water solo climbing wall with a landing in the water. Austria‘s highest diving platform at 27.5 metres. Spectacular rafting and canyoning action. Vertical climbs in the high ropes course and in the bouldering cave. H₂O extreme in the 20,000 m² water park. Includes an event arena, luxurious gastronomy and the platform for unique business incentives.

Five stars for your adventure-filled time: Das Central – Alpine . Luxury . Life is just a 30 drive from AREA 47 and as well as free use of public transport, also provides private transfers.

Free admission to the Water Area &
35% discount on all outdoor activities
(does not apply to already discounted children’s rates)

The whole spectrum of experience
All the areas at a glance

A state of emergency from the start of May until the start of October – when AREA 47 opens its magical doors, outdoor dreams and adventurous imaginings become a reality. Discover the variety on offer in the adrenaline-laden attractions in one of the world’s biggest outdoor parks: AREA 47 in the Ötztal.

Where water & happy hormones flow

Water-filled areas, a great time and a pleasant flight. Under no circumstances forget your waterproof camera – for you have to capture what you experience here. Otherwise nobody at home will believe you.

Show your courage, determination and a head for heights. Even kids feel courageous. Close your eyes and go on through! When you’ve done it once, you’ll want to do it again! The 20,000m² water area provides an unmeasurable universe of attractions which set your heart racing and give you goosebumps – Water Ramp, giant slides, wakeboarding, climbing action, Zipfelbob sled jumps, Blobbing and Austria’s highest diving board at 27.5 metres.

Enjoy your triumphal happy moment in AREA 47 in the Ötztal in Tyrol!

Preferred element - Water
Highlights in the Water Park

The ultimate water park in the Ötztal in Tyrol re-defines water-based activities. Giant slides in the Waterslide Park and spectacular cliff diving. Overshoot the water ramp at high speed on your Zipfelbob and during some deep water solo bouldering land straight in the water. Or while blobbing turn into a living space hopper, before mastering the sharp bends while wakeboarding. There are classics too, such as the slackline and beach volleyball, in the biggest water leisure park in Tyrol.

For those who take-off on the vertical


The right handhold. The perfect step. So close to the cliff face that you can almost hear your heart beat. Adrenaline in your veins. The rope taut. A quick gran in your bag of magnesium. Focus on the next point. Concentrate. And jump!

These and similar scenes play in day-in, day-out at the highest man-made climbing wall in Austria. The 27 m high pre-climb area at the pier combines countless variants and difficulty levels over 500 m². Panoramic views to the Ötztal mountains included. In the 125 m² bouldering cave, gravel and matts enable you to hone your skills, try out some new techniques in safety and improve your endurance.

One-of-a-kind in Europe – the Deep-Water-Soloing bouldering wall and its overhang. 62 m² at 10.5 m in height and the highlight – a safe landing in the water.

Pure adventure

We leave the secure realm of AREA 47 and head for the raw nature of the Alps. Thundering rivers. Gaping ravines and hard-core conditions take us to the limits of the imaginable. Can you hear me, Major Tom?

Immerse yourself in a realm of extremes. Leave the mundane behind. Comfort and order have no place here. Rather, Tyrol‘s mountains open up their true, rugged and unbridled character. Get to know it. While rafting in the wildest water bodies or canyoning in the deepest ravines. Abseiling, jumping, swimming. All disciplines become one here. For thrills and an adrenaline level which will bring measuring instruments to bursting point.

While caving you even go right into the mountain to explore the exciting cave system of the Amberg.


A borderline experience in Ötztal‘s ravines

Untamed. Wild. Relentless – the ravines in the Ötztal are not designed for strolling. Rather you head steeply up in your neoprene suit. Abseiling passages up to 40 m. Rock fragments which are as high as a house. Natural slide sections through the inside of the cliffs and mighty waterfalls of course. Experienced tour guides provide the requisite safety and teach you the technique. Kids aged between 10 – 13 also get to gather their first ravine experiences in the Outdoor Area. Experiences they will certainly not forget.


Together against the flow

It is said that whoever swims with the current won’t get to the source. But who wants that when with the current it is so much faster? Grab your oar and keep the raft balanced – or go swimming. Rafting in the Ötztal is a battle against the untamed power of nature, against yourself and the coldness of the flow. To start with you will learn all the requisite safety and rescue techniques. Then you can get going. Riding on the waves to adventure.

Caving tour

An excursion to the deep

What in the Second World War ought to have been a power station project is today the hardest test of courage for cavers from the age of 16 who have abseiling experience. The impressive tunnel system in the Amberg has countless surprises in store which are there to be discovered in the light from your head lamp. Not for those who suffer from claustrophobia and those who are afraid of heights, for right at the start there is a considerable 110 metres down into the depths by rope to tackle. In total you head down 350 metres – surefootedness and a great level of fitness are definitely required!

Deluxe indoor racing fun


Vibrating gas pedals and the hum of engines, high-speed and race-fun along with a perfectly thought-out concept create breath-taking challenges, which are there to be mastered with off-road enthusiasts from across the globe.

The brand new indoor race track for endurists and Motocross cowboys provides plenty of blends and exceptional challenges in the unique off-road area. A highlight for all fans of motorised two-wheelers – international athletes show those who are interested how it all goes. Across sticks and stones in the exciting bends. With a few instructions, even beginners cut a cool look in the blink of an eye.

Expanded from 1800 to 3800 m², our KTM-MX-Freeride-E-Bikes and Polaris Cross Buggys have even more space to really celebrate the inspirational off-road scene.
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