Gletscherschauspiel Hannibal in Sölden

Hannibal in Sölden

A spectacle on Sölden's glacier

Hannibal in Sölden

The Rettenbach glacier in Sölden turns into a stage and becomes the backdrop for the reconstruction of the famous crossing of the Alps. Experience HANNIBAL, a Carthaginian on a traverse to Rome – in a breathtaking live performance featuring more than 300 actors at an altitude of 3,000 metres in the ice-capped mountains. The unique choreography involves dancers and avalanches, piste groomers, base jumpers, aircraft, helicopters and snowmobiles, paragliders and skiers. Exhilarating, from start to finish.

Open-air theatre on the Rettenbach Glacier

The artist collective “lawine torrèn” presents the life story of Hannibal in a unique setting amidst the Ötztal mountains. Reinterpreted as a contemporary drama about power, intrigues and world politics, this play will captivate you. Sophisticated LED technology and special effects illuminate the pitch-black night in the mountain scenery, while Harald Krassnitzer narrates the ancient myth.

Schnee-Elefant und Pistenbully bei Hannibal am Rettenbachgletscher
Gletscherschauspiel Hannibal in Sölden
Pyramide beim Gletschertheater Hannibal in Sölden
Einzigartige Choreographien beim Hannibal in Sölden

The biggest show in the Alps

The glacier performance HANNIBAL transfers Mediterranean Carthage to the wild and harsh mountain landscape of Tyrol. A re-enacted crossing of the Alps using contemporary means with over 300 performers on the Rettenbach Glacier – at an altitude of 3,000 metres.

The video

One of the greatest generals in history

In 218 BC, Hannibal, accompanied by an army of 60,000 Africans, Celts, Spaniards, thousands of horses and 37 elephants, crossed the main ridge of the Alps in just ten days and defeated Italy. Despite military superiority, Hannibal refrained from conquering Rome. A decision with historical consequences: Following his hesitation, he was defeated by the Romans – on home territory. The definition of the Western World was then momentously determined. Rome, not Carthage in Africa, emerged as the dominant world power.

Das Gletscherschauspiel - Atemberaubende Live-Performance bei Hannibal

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