Adrenalin Cup Sölden

Training’s done. Now the fun starts! Eight exciting and unbelievably versatile disciplines at the Adrenalin Cup Sölden go right through the entire ski area. Sometimes steep, sometimes flat. On the piste, in the air and out on the terrain. Winter sport doesn’t get any more variety packed. Have you got what it takes to be a winner?

As fast as lightening and decidedly nimble – or as light as a feather and always the longest in the air? Flexibility and control of your skis are your strengths, or maybe carving is your real speciality? Show your mettle! The Adrenalin Cup in the Ötztal brings together classic disciplines like the slalom and the giant slalom with fun disciplines. Transitions are electronically measured and professionally evaluated.

Anyone can take part – young or old. During many of the disciplines the runs are filmed and photos taken. Run times, points statuses, videos and photos can be seen here.

Warm up for the showdown

Adrenalin Cup: the sequence

Did you know that in every valid ski pass there is also an action-packed Adrenalin Pass? So nothing stands in the way of you and the ultimate challenge. You don’t have to master all 8 disciplines but you can put together your favourite challenge yourself.

Alpine. Endorphin. Adrenaline.

For speedy technicians

Giant slalom

During the giant slalom on the BMW xDrive route speed is what it’s all about – yet it’s also about concentration, attentiveness and the requisite technique. Got the right swing? Then head out on your skis and get going – at high-speed through the red and the blue poles.

Points: Time measurement
Location: right on the Giggijoch, accessible via the C36 + C37 lifts

Reaction is (almost) everything


It is indeed one of the slowest disciplines – but also one of the most technical. The slalom – one of the oldest disciplines in the world – requiring skill, concentration and good reactions. In Sölden you tackle the slalom under the same conditions as the top skiers – even if the race piste is somewhat shorter than the World Cup route.

Points: Time measurement
Location: right at the intermediate station for the Gaislachkoglbahn (A10)

The curvy art


‘Cut’ the snow with the edges of your skis – that’s where the name carving comes from. This relatively new technique combines skill, quick feet and body control, a great deal of flexibility and control of your skis. Get the best time carving around the outlined route.

Points: Time measurement
Location: right at the A13 lift, accessible via A14

It’s in the mix

Mix Race

At the Mix Race you have to utilise all of your repertoire of technique, flair and ability perfectly to really score points. Slalom, break-neck steep bends, then as if that weren’t enough, a ski jump to finish. Direct to your destination.

Points: Time measurement
Location: on the Giggijoch next to the fun slope, accessible via the C36 lift

Grit your teeth and get to it


Best to keep your eyes open when you charge downhill at full speed and get the highest speed you can. ‘Speed’ is the fastest of the ten disciplines in the Adrenalin Cup.

Points: Speed assessment
Location: on the Giggijoch, accessible via the C36 + C37 lifts

For courageous frequent fliers


A fear of heights is perhaps not the best thing to have in this discipline. During a flight you need a whole lot of courage and the ability to overcome. This discipline is about jumping as far as possible across a horizontal ski jump. The landing area is split up into four distance areas.

Points: Length jumped
Location: on the Heidebahn (A13), accessible via the A14 lift

Off-piste challenge


There are areas that the piste machinery avoid. Away from the prepared pistes, where the snow lies as if it has fallen from heaven. Out on the terrain the laws of nature rule. And they are relentless. Show your true expertise, skill and courage during this particularly challenging discipline and master the Adrenaline Freeride route in the best time.

Points: Time measurement
Location: Piste 11, accessible via 4SK Hainbachkar + Silberbrünnl, 6SK Langegg

Alpine treasure hunt - panoramic views guaranteed

BIG 3 Photo Rally

The legendary BIG 3 Rally – three mighty three-thousand metre mountains in just one day. During this unusual discipline it’s all about tracking down all four photo points, which have been placed at strategic locations, and taking a photo of them. Eleven lifts rides are required. Ready for the ski safari?

Points: Depending on how many photos and lifts you and others manage on the day is how the points are awarded.

Put your abilities to the test

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