Mitarbeiter im 5-Sterne Hotel Das Central in Sölden

Central family

Together strong

Personalities from the Central

It’s all in the mix! Diverse personalities with different origins and preferences are united by the idea of giving all guests a special feel-good atmosphere and always making them feel welcome. Long-time patrons of our company know the faces below very well. Nevertheless, even for this group of insiders there will still be the odd “aha” moment.

Angelika Falkner


As a child she was already fascinated by the special atmosphere of the microcosm of the hotel. Even when she was still in school and spent the holidays working in the hotel. The Central has had a fixed place in her life since 1978 and she took over management of it in 1990 alongside Gottlieb Waschl. Having the opportunity to meet people from different countries and exchange ideas with them is something Angelika appreciates too much to give up. As a good listener, this suits her nature perfectly. Above all, her own wanderlust draws her to the sea, to golf or vinophile destinations as part of wine tours.

I would choose this profession again and again.”

Angelika Falkner Gastgeberin im Hotel Das Central

Katharina Falkner


Like her aunt Angelika, Katharina has found her professional calling in tourism. “It´s just my nature. I like being around people,” says the sociable, cheerful individual. So she rejected her plan to shine as a cook, and decided even university life was not her thing. The young mother can now look back on ten years at Central, interrupted by a stay abroad in New York and the birth of her daughter. When planning her own holidays, she prefers to go to the sea or to the Big Apple, which has become a second home for her.

Katharina Falkner Rezeptionsmanagerin Hotel Das Central
Chef de Cuisine Michael Kofler im Hotel Das Central

Michael Kofler | Chef de Cuisine

Forced deceleration. This is how the current head chef describes his passion for hunting. His wife Christina, who he met while working at Das Central, has a lot of understanding for the demands of the job. Born in the Tyrolean Oberland, Michael is a nature lover who needs very little personally when it comes to indulgence. His favorite dish? Spaghetti aglio e olio. Michael prefers to save the heavier artillery for his guests.

"I only need pasta, garlic and oil to be happy."

Renate Waschl

Reservation Management

“Das Central was my destiny.” As a young girl, the native Styrian started her *first job with us in 1970. After moving to Switzerland, Renate returned to Sölden, where she met and fell in love with her future husband Gottlieb. As* joint directors, the couple ran the Mooshaus hotel in Kühtai for ten years*, which at the time also belonged to Bergbahnen Sölden, before they returned to Central. The friendly relationship with the Falkner family has endured over the years, even after the untimely death of her husband Gottlieb in 2009. She devotes her free time to her grandchildren, the joy of reading and her loyal, four-legged companion, Henry the Golden Retriever.

Renate Waschl Reservierungsleitung im Hotel Das Central

Michael Waschl


Playground, home and calling. For Michael, Das Central is much more than just a workplace. His father Gottlieb also inspired him to pursue two special passions. In addition to his not-so-surprising weakness for wine, he is also involved in the Sölden volunteer fire brigade. What’s more, he is always eager to learn new things. After completing his tourism training, he worked in places worldwide and was responsible for opening a hotel in the Seychelles. “Senior director Hans Falkner encouraged me to go and explore the world.” The father of three likes to relax while mowing the lawn. Michael is also modest when it comes to choosing a holiday destination: “I don´t care where I go, as long as I’m with my family.”

Michael Waschl Direktion im Hotel Das Central
Maître d'hôtel Martin Sperdin im Weinkeller vom Hotel Das Central Sölden

Martin Sperdin | Maître d'hôtel

He actually wanted to be a chef. Thanks to his double apprenticeship, Martin revised his choice and opted for a career in the service industry. A blessing for Das Central, where the family man and young grandpa has been a part of the team since 1988. His penchant for wine did not develop in his home state of Styria, but in Switzerland, where he saw a huge wine list for the first time. He sees himself as a host who, in his free time, finds relaxation in gardening and reading specialist viticulture books and Scandinavian crime novels.

"Simply put, direct customer contact is more my thing."

Goran Milicevic


Goran ended up in the Ötztal with the goal of earning enough money for a new car. To do so, he decided to brave the snow and homesickness for his homeland Istria. What was intended as a short-term guest appearance has grown into a long-standing relationship. The trained food controller has been part of the Central team since 1994. “If you give something, you also geht something back,” he says of his relationship with the hotel. He finds relaxation on the saddle of his motorcycle when he sets off for Italy in the summer and experiences the Alpine passes there. Instead of taking advantage of the skiing opportunities in Sölden, Goran now prefers to enjoy time with his family.

Goran Milicevic Hausmeister im Hotel Das Central

Nada Radomirovic


Here to stay. As a 16-year-old girl, the native Bosnian came to a mountain hut in the remote Ötztal. What a contrast to her home town of Banja Luka. The facht that she remained loyal to the Alpine republic for much longer and has been working at Das Central since 1993 is all down to a recommendation from her sister Rada. The mother of two does not want to be in the limelight; she prefers organising the processes in the laundry room. Consistency is a huge part of Nada’s life. That’s why she feels as comfortable in Das Central as she does during her annual holiday in her house in Bosnia.

Nada Radomirovic Housekeeping im Hotel Das Central

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