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Germany's next Topmodel 2019

The reality show produced by the broadcaster ProSieben – “Germany’s Next Topmodel” – is one of the most successful casting shows in Germany and has been broadcast every year, without interruption, since 2006. Always there – Heidi Klum – top German model & former Victoria’s Secret model!

The aim of the casting show is to find Germany’s next top model. In various challenges and tasks, participants must demonstrate their skills in a convincing manner. In the new series, which will be first broadcast on the 7th February 2019 on ProSieben, Sölden and its inimitable locations, will also play a key role in ‘Germany’s Next Topmodel‘. And that is something that we in the 5-star hotel DAS CENTRAL and ice Q restaurant are very proud about.

The new feature is that there is no longer a set judging panel for “Germany’s Next Topmodel 2019”. Well-known stars, along with Heidi Klum, will take it in turns to be there; from renowned international top models, to star designers.

Heidi Klum

HEIDI KLUM - German top model (Copyrights: ProSieben / Richard Hübner)

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum – born in Bergisch Gladbach in Germany – is one the best known and most successful, top German models and became known across the globe as a “Victoria’s Secret” model. The German supermodel made catwalk appearances for the well-known label for 13 years. Today Heidi Klum lives with her family in the USA and is a part of the judging panel and TV presenter in English language format programmes, including “America’s Got Talent” and “Project Runway”.

Heidi Klum in the 5-star hotel Das Central

The 205 m² luxurious Presidential Suite
DAS CENTRAL Presidential Suite

A luxurious, laidback ambience of well-being. Toque-awarded cuisine from early in the morning until late into the evening. The utmost in Tyrolean hospitality. Our 5-star hotel DAS CENTRAL is rightly one of the best venues in Sölden and Tyrol. Heidi Klum too is familiar with the high level of service quality and is appreciative of our discretion. During the filming for the 14th GNTM series she spent almost a week here with us in the 5-star hotel DAS CENTRAL in Sölden.

Our Presidential Suite is designed to provide the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The ultimate of our 125 rooms the President suite offers everything you could want for during your stay in Sölden. This 205 m² luxurious suite is perfect for business travellers and is also ideal for a ski holiday with the family as well as newly-weds for their honeymoon.

The Presidential Suite

Germany's next Topmodel in Austria

Home of James Bond...
Restaurant ice Q

ice Q restaurant up above 3000m altitude – on the summit of the Gaislachkogl – not only inspired the producers of 007, but the successful reality show “Germany’s Next Topmodel” too. Where before global stars, such as Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux appeared together, it was Heidi Klum and up-and-coming German models who battled against the cold temperatures here, and one another. As well as the glacial temperatures, the icy catwalk on the BIG3 platform on the roof of the ice Q restaurant took these aspiring models to their limits.

ice Q restaurant
Bergrestaurant Hühnersteign im Sommer in Sölden
Making an appearance in the Hühnersteign

Heidi Klum & Co. in Sölden

Ötztal’s Glacier Road, which can rightly be called the highest road in the East Alps, proceeds from Sölden up to the Rettenbach Glacier. On the way there and directly at the toll station is the traditional mountain restaurant, the Hühnersteign. Heidi Klum and her team were inspired by the traditional, yet contemporary vibe there

Sölden - the Hotspot in the Alps
Sölden in Winter

Legend has it that Ötztalers were twice in line when the Creator set about apportioning natural beauty. There is no other explanation for the fact that in Ötztal – the longest lateral valley in Tyrol – there are so many superlatives like this. Sölden is the Alpine hub of Ötztal and is one of the best known skiing and snowboarding centres in the Alps. The extensive range of pistes available, spanning all difficulty levels, and guaranteed snow from October through to May have helped Sölden become a ski resort which enjoys a global reputation. And the three, three-thousand metre mountains, which are accessible via cable car systems, and which have breath-taking viewing platforms, are unique and have been used time and again as shooting locations by renowned fashion magazines (e.g. GQ London) and by fashion labels (BOGNER, Ralph Lauren,…).

Sölden in Winter

Snapshots of the shooting

@Peter Schellnast
@Peter Schellnast
@Peter Schellnast
@Instagram by Heidi Klum

Date: 22.01.2019
Author: Das Central - Alpine . Luxury . Life


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