Water in its purest form

Clear, fresh and versatile – the blue gold in the mountains in the Ötztal is the source of all life. Feeding rivers and providing the blossoms for the unique flora & fauna of this natural region. As a breath-taking adventure-filled highlight in the Ötztal we encounter it in all its aggregation states:

In the guise of a few tiny drops, from the mist which surrounds the giant waterfalls in the Ötztal. As thundering rivers which challenge and inspire outdoor fans. Idyllic lakes in which the trees and mountains are reflected – like the lake in Sölden in the Ötztal. Glacier realms. Eternal ice which has shaped the valleys for millennia and which give the area its characteristic look. And as pure thrills with the steepest water slides and water ramps.

Water is the embodiment of power and energy. Of life and vitality and it is also a fountain of unforgettable holiday fun. Precious. Stimulating and adventure-packed.

Eternal ice. A unique holiday experience..

They are thousands of years old. They move fast at a speed which you cannot make out by eye. And indeed it is their indescribable power which, in the truest sense of the word, makes the mountains. With 86 impressive glaciers like the Rettenbachferner, the Ötztal has the biggest glaciated areas in the eastern Alps. As well as their important function of providing water – the melting drinking water quality liquid feeds the Ötztaler Ache and ensures that the flowers in the fields bloom – glaciers in the Ötztal are one thing above all else – a centre of amazement. Of alpine adventure. Hiking areas and ski areas in equal measure. Thanks to the glacial melt water takes on a new speed dimension here – and is therefore ideally suited to rafting and for wild water trips.

Water’s route

From still to turbulent

Ötztal’s waterbodies

The whole gamut of water can be experienced during easy to moderately difficulty hikes by the water. From blue mountain waters in the glacier to wild waterfalls like the Stuibenfall – Tirol’s biggest waterfall – and the unbridled currents of the Ötztaler Ache take you to the foot of the easy to walk on historic Waal trails. Hot sulphurous waters in Aqua Dome and many mountain lakes invite you to enjoy an invigorating rest.

Blue gem in the Alps

From mountain lakes to the warmest swimming lake in Tyrol

Where dreams go swimming

When the radiant summer sunshine in the Ötztal provides warm temperatures, the numerous lakes provide natural refreshment. Umhausen swimming lake impresses thanks to its attractive location, while lake Piburger See in Oetz is the warmest bathing lake in Tyrol, an attraction in itself. The tranquil waters in the countless mountain lakes in the Ötztal are evidence of tradition and invite you to dream and to enjoy.

The mother of all waterfalls

Tyrol’s biggest waterfall

The primordial power of nature

Tyrol’s most impressive waterfall inspires with its 150 metre fall height, in two sections. The via ferrata route at Stuibenfall combines refreshment and climbing fun and is a wonder of nature, and sporting highlight at the same time. Two platforms enable you to enjoy inspiring impressions above the thundering water. Ideal for a hike, especially on Wednesdays in the summer, when the Stuibenfall is lit up in the evening.

Adrenaline. Thrills. Adventure.

The Water Area

20,000 square metres of water-based activities

AREA 47 really is more than a leisure park. At the entrance to the Ötztal countless attractions await on an area spanning 20,000 square metres, around a 7000 square metre swimming lake which is fed by fresh glacier water. The relaxation and activity area brings together a waterslide park, cliff diving, water ramp, giant slides, blobbing and much more. Climbing aces get to practice the perfect fall – in the Climbing AREA, into the water of course.

To the water adventure

Outdoor giants

Relaxation. Adventure. Sunshine.

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