PINO 3000 Wein auf über 3.000 m Seehöhe

Matured on the summit of the Gaislachkogl

PINO 3000

What began as an idea of some wine enthusiasts is now a multi-award-winning Pinot Noir: PINO 3000. Three world-class winemakers from Austria, Germany and Italy have combined their best selection of Blauburgunder grapes. The three-country wine unfolds its distinctive and noble character while ageing at an altitude of 3,048 metres.

From concept to completion

Creating a wine with select grapes from three countries was an experiment that three renowned winemakers and Das Central endeavoured. In 2011, they started producing the world’s first 3-country Pinot Noir. Yet, the challenge was not big enough, so the PINO 3000 was to mature at an altitude of over 3,000 metres. In the heart of the Alps.

PINO 3000 vom 5-Sternne Hotel Das Central
PINO 3000 Etikett
PINO 3000 am Gaislachkogl

The PINO 3000 wine-growers

The wine for PINO 3000 comes from the Austrian vineyard Paul Achs in Burgenland, the German vineyard Dr. Heger and the Italian winery St. Pauls in South Tyrol. They each contribute two of their best Pinot Noir barrels for the three-country wine. Thus, they create the perfect basis for this rare wine.

PINO 3000 Winzer Paul Achs, Wolfgang Tratter, Joachim Heger,

Barrelled and matured at 3,048 metres

The storage location is as unique as the wine itself: PINO 3000 matures high above Sölden in the ice Q, Austria’s highest 2-toque-awarded restaurant and filming location of James Bond’s SPECTRE. At the summit of the Gaislachkogl, PINO 3000 unfolds its unmistakable aroma in the specially built wine cellar. Because of the extreme conditions like cool temperatures, altered oxygen content, and low atmospheric pressure, we give the extraordinary wine more time to reveal its noticeably fruity character.

PINO 3000 Weinkeller im ice Q am Gipfel des Gaislachkogls
Winzer Paul Achs im PINO 3000 Weinkeller im ice Q in Sölden
James Bond Locations ice Q und 007 ELEMENTS in Sölden
PINO 3000 Weinflaschen

The journey of PINO 3000

PINO 3000 is stored in wooden barrels in the ice Q wine cellar until being transferred to the St. Pauls winery in South Tyrol for blending and bottling. The unique Pinot Noir then returns to the summit of the Gaislachkogl, where it matures for another year. Try it, and you will see that it is worth the effort.

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Inspired by world-class winemakers

It is thanks to the expertise and passion of three leading winemakers, Paul Achs, Joachim Heger and Wolfgang Tratter, that PINO 3000 evolved. And since the variety of Pinot Noir is considered the diva among wines, we are particularly proud of this masterpiece.

PINO 3000 Winzer Paul Achs

Paul Achs – Wine estate Paul Achs

PINO 3000 Winzer Joachim Heger

Joachim Heger – Wine estate Dr. Heger

PINO 3000 Winzer Wolfgang Tratter

Wolfgang Tratter – Winery St. Pauls

Rating by Peter Moser, Falstaff Wine Editors

Special distinctions

Review from July 2021: Deep carmine-coloured garnet, violet reflections, delicate edge brightening. Subtle leafy nuances, a hint of sun-drenched underwood, red berry, crisp cherry, dark minerality, touches of graphite, underlying black fruit. Complex, juicy, ripe sweet cherry, delicate notes of cranberry, fine tannin texture, extract-sweet and balanced, finesse-rich acidity, salty and persistent, subtle chalky nuances, delicate hints of red fruit in the finish, an excellent length. A multi-faceted match for a variety of dishes with good ageing potential. (Drink until 2040)