The flowiest nation of the Alps


The BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN is a dream come true for everyone who loves biking: 12 shaped lines, 18 natural trails and 2 pump tracks, including a skill center – embedded in the magnificent scenery of the Ötztal Alps, sustainably built and developed by the world’s best trail designers. And on top of that, a bike scene that welcomes both beginners and pros.

Bike park in Sölden


Lines & trails

The routes

The variety of routes in the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN is vast and continuously expanding. There is a trail for everyone: from the easy beginner’s route to the double-black professional tour. The trail names are as unique as the lines. After all, the Ötztal dialect influences the names and describes their characteristics.



For beginners

The 2 beginner lines

Schtirggar Line

The beginner’s route can be accessed directly from the village with the free center shuttle – which is only about 100 m from the bike hotel Das Central. The beautiful, wide line leads at a low gradient over long rollers, and easy steep turns back to the valley.
NEW IN SUMMER 2023: A 400 m² beginner’s terrain is being built near the Schtirrgar Line, so that you can get to the basics of biking step-by-step. Afterwards, nothing stands in the way of riding the Schtirrgar Line as a beginner!

Distance: approx. 1,3 km / Descent: 90 m / Grade: easy
Perfect for beginners and children!

Biketour mit der Familie in Sölden

Broate Line

This line surprises with various fun elements. It can be accessed via the blue Ohn line or the moderately difficult Teäre line and leads effortlessly down into the valley to the pump track ‘Rolling’ right at the Gaislachkoglbahn.

Distance: approx. 1,6 km / Descent: 188 m / Grade: easy


The 6 easy lines

Eebme Line

The ideal warm-up ride and perfect beginner trail that proceeds almost without altitude difference. The line starts near the Gaislachkogl middle station and leads right into the heart of the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN trail network.

Distance: approx. 2,3 km / Descent: 241 m / Grade: easy

Ohn Line

The Ohn line is the continuation of the Eebme line. The varied line is a favorite of many riders. It flows smoothly over rollers and flat berms in the long sections, followed by wooden constructions in the lower area.

Distance: approx. 3,6 km / Descent: 377 m / Grade: easy

Harbe Line

The Harbe line is playful, fun and exciting – but also features steep curves. It leads from the Giggijoch mountain station down to Hochsölden and offers a sensational view as well as numerous photographic highlights due to its location above the timberline.

Distance: approx. 2,2 km / Descent: 178 m / Grade: easy

Lettn Line

The Lettn line leads through forest, meadow and wet terrain down to the Giggijochbahn and promises lots of flow trail fun and wooden passages.

Distance: approx. 1,5 km / Descent: 127 m / Grade: easy

Troaln Line

The connecting line between Gaislachkogl and Giggijoch follows a relaxed trail and offers rollers, berms and jumps with generous landings.

Distance: approx. 1,6 km / Descent: 73 m / Grade: easy

Gahe Line

The Gahe line meanders for 7.4 km on the Giggijoch side from Sonnblick to Grünwald. The flowing route also connects the Harbe with the Lettn line.

Distance: approx. 7,4 km / Descent: 620 m / Grade: easy

Gahe Line Bike Republic Sölden

For experts

The 2 intermediate lines

Teäre Line

The icon among the lines. BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN’s first built line, and to this day, the flow ride par excellence. With 130 turns, many waves, wallrides and the legendary wooden screw.

Distance: approx. 5,2 km / Descent: 575 m / Grade: intermediate

Ollweite Line

A must-do for all bikers with good riding technique! The line starts below the Langegg mountain station at 2,600 m, ends at the Hühnersteign and is one of the longest lines in the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN. It is incredibly challenging and varied, with berms, jumps, blocked stone fields and wooden constructions.

Distance: approx. 7 km / Descent: 712 m / Grade: intermediate
Tip: The lake right at the start is one of the best photo spots.

Ollweite Line Bike Republic Sölden

For pros

The 2 most difficult lines

Zaahe Line

As the name predicts, the Zaahe line (zäh / zaahe = tough, tenacious) is an intense challenge with drops, rollers and steep turns. It branches off the Teäre line and is ready to be conquered by technically experienced bikers.

Distance: approx. 0,7 km / Descent: 78 m / Grade: difficult

Olm Volle Line

The double-black, extremely demanding line is only suitable for pros. The competitive enduro course leads through steep, challenging terrain and is bristled with wallrides, wild roots and stone passages, step-ups, step-downs, drops, and jumps up to 14 m! Therefore, visiting the track in advance is mandatory.

Distance: approx. 1,5 km / Descent: 362 m / Grade: very difficult

Where it all comes together

Combinations: Long Lines

Long Line Giggijoch

BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN’s longest route! The long line Giggijoch links 5 trails and offers a spectacular 16 km descent of 1,300 m down into the valley. The starting point is at the mountain station of the Langeggbahn. Then, via the red Ollweite line, the trail continues on the blue Troaln line, which leads to the Giggijoch side. From here on, the relaxed but demanding Harbe Line takes you to Hochsölden. Finally, via the 7.4 km long blue Gahe line and the Lettn line, you descend to the valley station of the Giggijochbahn.

Distance: approx. 16 km / Descent: 1.313 m / Grade: intermediate

Long Line Gaislachkogl

Every level is covered: blue, red, green (and black if you prefer). The start is at the blue Eebme line, which then leads to the Teäre line – and offers over 130 curves on the following 5 km! Experienced bikers can always branch off to the black Zaahe jump line. After that, the Broate line with tables, rollers & wallride can be circuited. Those who like it natural can take the Schteckler trail to the Gaislachkogl valley station.

Distance: approx. 7,3 km / Descent: 806 m / Grade: intermediate

Long Line Rotkogl

3 lines, 12,5 km and 1,300 meters of altitude difference! With a view of the glacier, the route descends via the red Ollweite line, then merges with the blue Ohn line and rolls back down via the Broate line to the valley.

Distance: approx. 12,5 km / Descent: 1.300 m / Grade: intermediate

This is for all-mountain bikers & endurists

Single trails in the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN

Our top 3 natural trails

It’s not just the shaped lines that cause a sensation in the Bike Republic Sölden. Over a distance of more than 34 km, 18 fantastic natural trails get every biker excited. Our top 3:

  • Kleble Alm trail: the highlight on Sölden’s quiet side. 11.7 km in length, flowing and technically challenging at times, ascent & descent 636 m each.
  • Leiterberg trail: The trail leads beautifully through the forest of the Bike Republic Sölden. Technically challenging in parts. 4,6 km, ascent: 5 m, descent: 547 m
  • Fernar trail: The most challenging trail in the Bike Republic. 10 kilometers, 1,500 meters of descent in challenging alpine terrain!

Kleble Alm Trail

Leiterberg Trail

Fernar Trail

Fast & comfortable

With the cable car to the trail

Your bike shuttle

The cable cars at Gaislachkogl and Giggijoch guarantee a fast and comfortable ascent. The Langegg chairlift connects the two bike areas. There are 5 different lifts – the fastest in the world and therefore no waiting in line for bikers.

Our tip: As a guest at Das Central, the free Ötztal Inside Summer Card secures discounts on your lift tickets.
Price example: 3-day ticket for adults for € 107,- instead of € 134,-.

Langegg Sessellift - Bike Republic Sölden

Operating hours of the cable cars

until 3 October 2023

Gaislachkogl gondola & Giggijoch gondola
Uphill ride daily 8.30 am – 4.45 pm

Langegg chairlift
Uphill ride daily 9.00 am – 4.00 pm

Hochsölden-Rotkogl gondola
Open from 30.06.23
Uphill ride daily 8.30 am – 12.00 noon & 1.00 pm – 4.45 pm

Zentrum Shuttle
daily 8.30 am – 8.00 pm

Bike Republic Sölden – Mountainbiker in der Langeggbahn

Die Pumptracks in Sölden

The pump tracks in Sölden

Pump tracks
'Rolling' & 'Sunny'

The pump track ‘Rolling’ is the largest in Tyrol and is located in the middle of Sölden, right next to the Gaislachkogl valley station. It is the perfect preparation tool for the trails around Sölden and to maximize your skills for the ultimate run.

With small trail loops and obstacles, the ‘Sunny’ pump track is ideal for upcoming bikers. This is where all skills are trained: balance exercises, cornering technique, braking, overcoming obstacles and small jumps.

Pump track ‘Rolling’

Pumptrack Rolling in Sölden

Pump track ‘Rolling’

Pumptrack Sunny Übungsgelände für die Bike Republic Sölden

Pump track ‘Sunny’

Bike courses in Sölden

Learn from the pros

Individual bike courses

Balance, riding technique and the proper techniques on various surfaces – the bike schools in the Ötztal offer numerous professional courses for every skill level:
  • Downhill courses for beginners
  • Riding & technique courses for kids & teens
  • Trail-ride for pros
  • Private guiding and much more

Our reception team at the 5-star bike hotel Das Central will be happy to assist you with organizing your individual courses.

One nation for all

Events & highlights

BIKE REPUBLIC events in summer 2023

  • Bike Opening: June 08 -11, 2023
  • 2nd Edition of the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN RALLY: June 10, 2023
  • BIKE REPUBLIC National Holiday: September 29 – October 03, 2023
Schnitzeljagd Bike Republic Sölden

BIKE REPUBLIC citizen pass

There will be the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN citizen pass for everyone this bike season. You receive the pass on purchasing an MTB ticket. Get a stamp on every trail, each of which represents a visa. For six, 12, 18 or 29 collected trail visas, you will receive must-have goodies – which you can claim at the ticket office of the Gaislachkoglbahn or the Guest Service Sölden.

In 2023 it even goes beyond the borders: The BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN passport will be extended to include the Green Hill Bikepark in Sauerland (Germany) and the new Indoor Bikepark in the AREA 47. In total, 31 trail visas can be collected from now on to receive the crowning goodie, powered by POC, for 31 stamps.

Bürgerpass Bike Republic Sölden


Info & worth knowing

Bike vacation de luxe

Bike package in the 5* hotel Das Central

I want to ride my bike
from 1440 €
04.07.2024 - 06.10.2024

I want to ride my bike

3 nights
  • Incl. a 2-days bike ticket
I want to ride my bike
from 1440 €
04.07.2024 - 06.10.2024

I want to ride my bike

3 nights
  • Incl. a 2-days bike ticket
I want to ride my bike
from 1440 €
04.07.2024 - 06.10.2024

I want to ride my bike

3 nights
  • Incl. a 2-days bike ticket