A fine treasure chamber which inspires

Unique specimens can be found here. Masterpieces from the natural surroundings and sophisticated winegrowing artistry. Liquid gold. Over 30,000 bottles are stored in Das Central wine cellar – and with them the well-kept secrets of oenophile extravagance.

Martin Sperdin, Sommelier and Falstaff Maître 2005, has been enriching life in Das Central for over twenty years. His passion for premium wines and his flair in choosing wines have characterised wine culture in Das Central – and made it unique. The emphasis of the range is on wines from Austria.

Perfectly matured, they are presented to you in our extensive wine menu, which has over 450 different positions. Vintages up to five years old and more are not a rarity. So it is not surprising then that in our hotel with its wine cellar in Tyrol at 1370 metres, offers the biggest selection of top wines in all of Austria.

This is what art tastes like

Sommelier & Falstaff Maître Martin Sperdin

‘Wine is pleasure & feeling’

‘Wine is like every art – it belongs wholly to you. When your passion is aroused, that’s when your enthusiasm is further fuelled. That’s how it was, and is, for me. As a Sommelier I really am in my element – satisfying and pleasurable. And it is an honour for me to be able to share a tranche of this passion with many guests every day by providing some wine recommendations. To let them discover. And perhaps even open up a new chapter for them.’

Fine wines. Big names.

Wines which have a scarcity value

Your host Angelika Falkner also harbours a great passion for rare wines and inspires connoisseurs with precious gems. The oldest wine in her wine cellar in Sölden is the Chambertin from 1918. Fine wines like the Romannée Conti Grand Cru dates back to 1989 and the Masseto collection is a 1990 vintage – just a few of the many acquisitions. Das Central is also the only hotel which has all the vintages from Kollwentz Privat – providing impressively large bottles which contain up to 27 litres of wine.

Experiences in the wine cellar in Ötztal

Welcome to the realm of wine

Our hotel in Sölden with its wine cellar provides a wonderful stay for many wine lovers. It is a pleasure for us in the wine hotspot in the hotel, to fill your life with exclusive samples from the wine cellar – a journey guided by Sommelier Martin Sperdin. During a fondue evening with the family and with friends. Or explore our kingdom of pleasure in a private context for your wedding – or during events which demand the exceptional.

The 'Renowned Wineries of Burgenland

Quality, standards & uniqueness

Values which bring us together

Thanks to its many years of tradition, Das Central has many notable friends. Like the renowned Burgenland winegrowers. A deep friendship links us to 13 top winegrowers from east Austria.

Every year in April we celebrate, together with them and one host country, the 3-day, culinary wine pleasure festival, Wein am Berg. Toque-awarded cuisine and fine wines are as impressive as natural life in the Ötztal.

Discover ‘Wein am Berg’ now

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