Winemaker's Table in Sölden

They are the custodians of valuable traditions. Masters of a grand art. And at the same time they are the promoters of modern wine culture – winemakers.

When in the winter months they live their lives to a slower pace, we invite you to the Winemaker’s Table in the 5-star hotel DAS CENTRAL in Sölden, Tyrol. Exclusive wine evenings in wonderful company. With personalities from the international wine scene. With cool wine artists and winegrowers who are very aware of tradition. With wine connoisseurs and those who enjoy special wines – rounded off by Michael Kofler’s exquisite toque-rated cuisine. With wine tasting sessions in Sölden in Tyrol you get to sample this in sophisticated fashion.

Enjoy interesting discussions. Forge contacts. Get to know the characteristics of the wines. And gain valuable insights into the fascinating realm of wine making. Welcome to our Winemaker’s Table in Sölden!

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