Wein am Berg 2020

For many passionate wine lovers and well-travelled connoisseurs, Wein am Berg is already established as one of their top dates in the culinary year. It is an event that draws on the tradition of hospitality and pleasure while continually reinventing these values. With the motto of ‘Austria meets Benelux’ the summit of good taste will be well worth a visit again in 2020.

Ski legends will accompany you, while top chefs await with their most splendid creations and selected premium winemakers present their best vintages and most exquisite products. Make sure to be there and be a part of the best possible company if we invite you to celebrate Wein am Berg with us at Das Central.

19th Wein am Berg
23rd to 26th April 2020
'Austria meets Benelux'
Wein am Berg Website

Video - Wein am Berg in Sölden

Date: 11.08.2019
Author: Das Central - Alpine . Luxury . Life


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